Honeybadger Are Punk Rock Kings On “Cold Wind”


UK Punk is most probably one of my favorite forms of the punk genre. While stems off the punk genre have always been pretty great, it just feels like UK does it like no one else. That’s the same case here for the UK based punk band, Honeybadger.

This band is climbing the ranks to being one of my favorite current bands. I knew from the start when I saw their album cover that it was going to be something special. Album covers are something that have lost a lot in the last few years. Most, I find pretty hollow anymore, but this band did it right before I even listened to their single, ‘Cold Wind’.

This big band kick off 2023 with their new single ‘Cold Wind’ which was released on 28th January. Everything is here within this track. You have energetic guitar riffs and powerful vocals all smashed together with a driving beat and a chunky bass.

I was able to get a little bit about ‘Cold Wind’ from the band. I was told that the song is about how things always catch up to you if you tell too many lies.

What’s really cool about the band aside from awesome album covers and brain-sticking music is that they were formed in 2014 by brothers Joe and Eddy, and school friend Luca. It’s always great to find out that members in the band are related. It makes for a vibe like no other.

The band also let me in on their style. They describe it as “rock music with heavy punk and grunge influence” and have taken influences from The White Stripes, Ty Segall, Pretty Vicious and Estrons. They have performed at a number of live venues over the UK including features on BBC.

This band will easily be on top of the UK Punk genre and there’s so much room left for them to grow. They music is already there. If they are already making songs like this now – I can’t wait to hear how they sound in two more years. Give them a listen and I think they’ll be a new favorite of yours as well.