Rush Icon Neil Peart Spotted With A-List Actress


MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: The final Neil Peart photo before his death has been revealed.

Rush drummer Neil Peart had some good company in a newly leaked classic dinner photo. Paul Tobin recently tweeted a picture of Rush hanging out with the legendary femme punk rock band, The Runaways. He wrote, “I never expected the Runaways to hang out with Rush, but… there they are. (From left: Neil Peart, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee)” Geddy Lee being caught talking to a young female singer was just revealed.

Mike Portnoy recently shot down rumors he would be joining Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee on tour:

Portnoy said, “Hahaha so everybody is sending this to me… Apparently some metal website posted a fake article saying I will be joining @rush in 2020 for a 40th Anniversary Tour for Permanent Waves! Even to the point of creating a fake Twitter post from me!

“While that’s a pretty awesome (completely hypothetical) dream…and I would surely do it in a heartbeat…it’s unfortunately not true!! (But it is a cool idea). In any case, just wanted to break the (real) news to anybody that had gotten their hopes up thinking that this may be real!”

In other Rush and Geddy Lee news, fans recently took to the group’s subreddit to discuss which years were Rush at their best. One commenter, TheGreatMe03 stated: “I’d say 1975 to 1991, almost every song I listen to comes from those years. 2012 was also a great year, Clockwork Angels was a great note to go out on.” Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently.

Whereas discotheque_ca wrote: “I’d say between Fly by Night and Hemispheres. At least that’s what I find myself listening to. I like the albums after (up to Grace Under Pressure), but those five prog masterpieces have the sound I’m thinking of/looking for in Rush.”

Zedzed5150 put: “Pretty sure we can all agree that the ’80s were the best/most prolific (or commercially best) period. Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals GUP Power Windows Hold your Fire. Presto (was this 1989 or 1990)? 6/7 albums in a decade. Wow!”

Rush singer Geddy Lee secretly hired this big name drummer. While MrBadlandChugs had a different opinion by stating: “I’m going to answer this in a different light and say that musically, as far as playing instruments goes., the guys really didn’t stop improving until the early 2000s. By that, 2002-2015.” Geddy Lee recently called out a ‘shameless’ Rush member photo.