Howard Stern Drops Disturbing John Lennon Bombshell


Howard Stern revealed how Yoko Ono has to show up every time The Beatles icon John Lennon‘s assassin Mark David Chapman is up for parole. Chapman shot Lennon to death in December 1980. Stern made the comments when discussing OJ Simpson. A surprising demand made to John Lennon was revealed in a recently unearthed photo before he died. recapped: Howard said he has a paranoia about the world so he has to have bodyguards. Robin asked where she’s sitting at the basketball game. Howard said that’s not fame. He just doesn’t want to be embarrassed. He said he doesn’t feel famous. He said Andy Cohen and Sarah Silverman take the subway too.

Howard said the reason he’s having Kim Goldman on the show is because of OJ. He said she’s tried to remind people that her brother is a human being. He said that’s the problem with OJ. He said Ron was butchered and murdered. He said Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered too. He said you tend to forget about that when you hear OJ talking in his Tweets. He said they’ll give everyone a refresher about Ron today. Robin said those people’s lives were stopped on that night. Howard said you never know what kind of life OJ is really having but he’s out there on the golf course looking fit. He said he’s basically surrounded by beauty. He said it all looks pretty good.

Howard said he has a clip of OJ talking about his birthday. Howard started it and OJ sounds like he just hit a golf ball and he’s being interrupted by ”Twitter world.” Howard said he’s not in the middle of anything. He did his impression of OJ and talked about what a care free life he’s having. Howard said all Ron did was bring Nicole some glasses that she left in a restaurant. He said he was collateral damage. Howard said OJ is a fucking asshole.

Robin said someone has to be there to remind people who Mark David Chapman is so Yoko is there whenever he’s up for parole. Howard said that’s what they need to do with OJ. He said when he’s talking to Kim she won’t say OJ. She will say the ”murdering liar” or something like that. Howard said he will go along with that too. He said that’s coming up later in the show so they will deal with that later. John Lennon brutally mocking Elvis Presley was recently revealed in a post on Lennon’s Instagram.