Howard Stern Drops Foo Fighters Breakup Bombshell


During a recent edition of the Howard Stern Show the ‘King of All Media’ took a call from a listener who proclaimed to be a big fan of the Foo Fighters. This particular caller wanted to know if he contacted Dave Grohl following the death of drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins would pass away on March 25, 2022, in Bogotá, Colombia, after suffering from chest pain. After Stern would stated that he is ‘bad with that kind of stuff and that he doesn’t want to ‘be a nudge’ he would then go on to state that he wants to be left alone in his life when this type of stuff happens and that everyone is like him. This eighties icon would reveal what killed Taylor Hawkins

After getting in touch with Grohl later on, Stern would state that while he doesn’t hang out with the Foo Fighters frontman personally he feels a kinship and friendship with the beloved grunge icon and that Grohl did get back to him. Stern wouldn’t state what was said but he did go on say he was sad for him and the family of Taylor Hawkins. Howard would also add that he can be a human being and figured the reach out would be appreciated. Howard would ultimately say during this call that he imagines that Dave will keep going with the Foo Fighters but he’s not sure.

Fans of the group continue to post their tributes to the late Foo Fighters bandmate on the Foo Fighters subreddit. One user would state: “I remember when Chester [Bennington]passed, there was immediately a section online who were adamant that it ‘proved’ that he and Chris Cornell had been about to bust open a conspiracy around child trafficking and been silenced. Seeing very similar vultures jumping on Taylor’s passing to further their theories is utterly disgusting, and I’m sending love from one group of fans to yours; the man was an absolute rockstar and seemed to be one of the most adorably excited people to ever grace the rock n roll circuit.”

The user would conclude: “I hope all of the fans, his family, and his friends can heal and remember him with fondness and light, and that for those of you for whom an end to Foo Fighters is unbearable, there can be a way to respectfully continue their legacy.”