Howard Stern Drops Kanye West Nazi Bombshell


SiriusXM host Howard Stern started his Monday show by trying understand the dinner that recently went down between Ye, Donald Trump, and professional horrible ideology holder, Nick Fuentes. Stern said he’d never heard of Nick Fuentes until “Trump made him famous” by hosting him in his Florida estate Tuesday.

Stern asked: “Since when does a guy named Fuentes become a white ‘supremist’?”

Fuentes, a Holocaust skeptic who also holds very racist beliefs as well as a whole host of horrible beliefs, was a focal point on Stern’s show. Howard Stern, after learning about Fuentes and his racist beliefs then encouraged Trump supporters to get together and drink disinfectants.

With this, Donald Trump has claimed he didn’t know who Fuentes was, which Stern, who has been a guest at Mar-a-Lago, said he very much doubts. Stern went on to say that the former president shouldn’t have been meeting with the artist now known as Ye, either.

Stern also echoed what many people have been saying: “The worst person you can meet with right now is Kanye West. The guy has his own share of antisemitic s–t going on right now. And if you’re a politician, you don’t really want to have that on you.”

This look on Donald Trump is so bad that even his own party have been turning away from him.

This ordeal seems to get worse and worse for all involved and there really is no way for anyone in the situation to have a decent look after this. Regardless of if Donald Trump knew that Nick Fuentes was a white supremacist, he surely at least knew about the horrible antisemitic ideologies that Kanye West holds and has stated publicly. It’s just not a good look at all.