Howard Stern Drops Ozzy Osbourne ‘Death Bed’ Bombshell


Ozzy Osbourne has faced rumors that he is on his death bed, but Howard Stern revealed on Monday that he saw on television that Ozzy has Parkinson’s disease. Ozzy Osbourne ‘begged for help’ in a photo last week. recapped: Robin read a story about Ozzy Osbourne revealing that he has Parkinson’s. Howard asked why they didn’t come in there. Robins said they have forgotten them. Howard said Sharon just sent him an email with Ozzy’s new album. He asked if Gary has heard from them. Gary said Sharon was supposed to come in but they keep giving new dates. He said she’ll be in. Howard asked what the story is. Robin said Ozzy has a form of Parkinson’s.

Gary said JD just said Robin Roberts flew to them to do the story. Robin said they would have flown to them too. Howard said this is the show to announce Parkinson’s on. He said they’re the official show.

Robin had some audio of Ozzy talking about a bad fall he had that screwed up his nerves and now he has a mild form of Parkinson’s. Robin said it sounds like it’s affecting his voice too. Robin had a clip of Sharon saying Ozzy needs to get back out on the road. She was talking about how she loves being on the road and this is the longest it’s ever been. Ozzy said he can’t wait to get back out there.

He said that’s his drug today. He said he ain’t done yet and he ain’t going anywhere. Howard said he loves that guy. He said JD talks the same way as Ozzy. He said he may have a form of that. Howard said Ozzy’s body did take a lot of abuse. He said it’s amazing he’s survived all of that. He said it sounds like he’s having a hard time. He said he sounds great on the new album though. Robin said this has been going on a long time. Howard said he sings great. He said he listened to the whole thing. Howard Stern unloaded on Ozzy Osbourne family disrespect last month.