Howard Stern Makes Heartbreaking Motley Crue Claim


Howard Stern discussed Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Michael Jackson, and Kid Rock on a recent episode. He revealed the real reason why Lee’s marriage with Pamela Anderson didn’t work out. Nikki Sixx made a surprising Aerosmith revelation just yesterday. recapped: Robin read about the Michael Jackson death anniversary and said the family put out a statement about that. Robin read that to Howard. They don’t want you thinking about the shitty things Michael did. Robin said Farrah Fawcett also died the same day Michael died. Robin said no one remembered that. Howard said she was so hot but so loopy. He said you didn’t care because she was so hot.

Howard took a call from Ralph Cirella who said she was brilliant for a while. Robin said it was the Letterman appearance that showed how loopy she was. Robin said she came on this show and tried to kiss Howard. Howard said he was scared. Gary said she came up in the elevator and there were like 15 people with her. He said that it was so clear that she had just yelled at them all. He said the publicist said she was too old to be yelled at about a hair brush. Howard asked if she really tried to kiss him. Robin said she did and Howard bailed on it. Howard said that’s crazy.

Ralph said she had giant n***les too. Howard said he remembers that. He said she was beautiful. Robin said she saw her on the street once and she had a glow around her. Howard said that’s the glow he doesn’t have. Ralph said he should get an iPad Mini to use for porn. He said that way he can stay out of that network. Howard said he doesn’t need that. He said he doesn’t have any privacy. Ralph told him to just get the iPad. Howard said that’s the day he has to go into AA or sex addicts anonymous. He said you’re a real pervert if you do that. He said he conducts his life like he doesn’t watch porn.

Howard said it was a bad idea to put that Conan interview on the channel yesterday. He said that just wasn’t him. He said he was on The View a couple of weeks back charming those women. He said they don’t know who he really is. He said that they think he’d that good guy. He said meanwhile he has Benjy jerking off in the studio. He said they don’t know who the real Howard is. He said he’ll be in his psychiatrist’s office later today. He said he doesn’t even know who he really is. He said he tells him he’s the Howard who wants to be a better man.

Robin read a story about Pam Anderson breaking up with her boyfriend Adil Rami. Howard said she’s fucking up her life. He said she has to go for the rock star and people like that. He said she never goes with the nice guy. He said he’s not saying Tommy Lee is a bad guy but you know what he means. He said she was with Kid Rock. He said he’s not going to settle down in his prime. He said he had too much going on. Robin said he claims she was the problem. Howard said you just knew it wasn’t going to work out. Robin said her boyfriend was apparently cheating on her.