Rage Against The Machine Caught Ripping Off Pantera


In light of the upcoming 30th anniversary of “Vulgar Display of Power”, Pantera’s two surviving members – vocalist Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown – sat down with Revolver’s Jimmy Hubbard to have a conversation over different topics.

Rex Brown recalls having a chat with Tom Morello

During the conversation, Rex Brown revealed how he had talked with Rage Against The Machine frontman Tom Morello. He recalled being with Down and were touring. He stated how Morello had talked about performing a riff that was taken from Pantera and Brown was quite flattered with the gesture.

Here is what Rex Brown recollected about the incident: “I had a long talk with Tom Morello one time. Philip [and I], we were with Down, we were touring somewhere. And we he was playing on the stage at this – I can’t remember what the name of the band was – but he took me inside and he had a sniff of fuckin’ Jack and we were sitting there, talking and he was going: ‘How do you think I came up with that one riff for [mimicks riff],’ whatever he did. And I never thought about it because I wasn’t a huge Rage fan because we were fucking all over the place, you know.

“But he goes: ‘Man that’s a direct riff from you guys!’ And that was just so flattering coming from him, you know,” he added.

You can check out the whole discussion below:

On social media via Instagram earlier this month, Rage Against the Machine bandmate Tom Morello told a tale about how a random biker in Australia made him want to cover the classic AC/DC track ‘Highway to Hell’.

“8 years ago today I was wandering around a Perth, Australia graveyard late at night looking for the grave of AC/DC’s Bon Scott when this fella came riding up on a motorbike,” Morello wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself and the biker. “His shirt reads, ‘If I gave a s**t you’d be the first person I’d give it to’. He of course directed me immediately to Bon’s grave. Later that night in the hotel bar I cautiously put forward the idea to Mr. Bruce Springsteen that perhaps there might be an AC/DC cover in the E Street Band’s future. A few days later we unleashed ‘Highway To Hell’ on an unsuspecting Melbourne soccer stadium (with guest Eddie Vedder!) and people lost their minds. Bruce, Eddie Vedder & I sought to recapture that holy moment on my The Atlas Underground Fire album for you to enjoy.”