Jason Newsted Eerie Metallica Alcohol Photo Revealed


Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed in a newly surfaced photo from this past summer that his favorite beer is Lagunitas IPA. Rush singer Geddy Lee made a bold Metallica remark a few days ago. The IPA website states, “This is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries of Great Ships.

Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute, nor as old as the 10,000 miles or so of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentoid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again. Now stop. Think again. And stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you’re on.”

Jason Newsted revealed the Metallica ‘enabler’ a few days ago. Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently entered rehab, and just after the news, Metallica announced several North American 2020 festival performances with Danny Wimmer Promotions. Metallica will perform Friday and Sunday sets at Charlotte’s Epicenter, Daytona Beach’s Welcome to Rockville, Columbus’ Sonic Temple, Louisville’s Louder Than Life and Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival.

DrCocktorPHD posted on Reddit, “For all we know, James went to rehab pre-emptively because he was afraid something was about to slip and he was/is still clean. If Lars said they’re playing shows in 2020, I believe it. James isn’t going to power through something bad to keep the shows going like he did since 1992 when he first start using painkillers. He’s going to do what’s right for him and his family, which coincidentally will be best for the fans and the band too. And I respect the hell out of him for it.” Jason Newsted recently revealed an emotional message to Metallica fans.