Howard Stern Reveals David Bowie ‘Closet’ Secret


Howard Stern discussed having a rare signed David Bowie album ‘in the closet’ of his home on his show on Monday. U2 frontman Bono recently made an awful David Bowie death comment. recapped: After the break they played Mott the Hoople’s ”All the Young Dudes” as they were coming back. Howard sang along with that as he came out of break.

Howard said he has a signed copy of Live from the Philadelphia Forum or Spectrum. Gary said it’s the Tower Theater. Howard said he has it framed and it’s signed by Bowie. He said he has that in his closet. He said Bowie wrote that song. He said he can’t believe that Bowie is dead. He said everyone is dying. He said someone died the other day that surprised him. He said everyone is dropping like flies. He said it was Robert Forster. He said he was in that Breaking Bad movie. Robin said that’s right. She said she had just seen him. Howard said it was very upsetting.

Howard Stern made a bad Michael Jackson and David Bowie claim last month. Howard said he likes when Jimmy is there. He said he asked if it was too much for him to come in again. Howard said he told him no way and had him come in.

Howard said they have to get a Brent update. He said it was fun being out in L.A. He said their plan was to do a 2-3 hour show each day but they went longer. He said they were going to keep it short but every show was kind of exciting. He said he loved Seth Rogen and Snoop together. He said he has a lot of email about the shows out there. He said it might sound like an ad for the show if he reads them.

Howard said people like it when they travel. He said people were fascinated by JD not being able to use a lighter. He said he didn’t know he might have physical problems. Robin said even people with mental challenges can light a lighter. Howard read some email about that. Howard said he thinks about being in a plane crash and how he might not know how to start a fire if he was out in the wilderness. He said JD had a lighter and wasn’t able to light it. Steven Tyler recently revealed a terrible David Bowie secret.