Bono Makes Awful David Bowie Death Comment


U2 frontman Bono claimed that much of David Bowie‘s later career before his death was forgettable, outside of his comeback near the end with Blackstar. Bono admitted to falling off the map himself creatively as well, in a candid Rolling Stone India interview. A ‘dirty’ Bono secret was revealed a few days ago.

“And David Bowie came back around, he meandered there off for a moment, but we all do. I should know that (laughs). So I think the creative ambition, to answer your question, is to write the best song ever. With ‘Every Breaking Wave’ on Songs Of Innocence, we hit our top five songs. And ‘Ordinary Love’ – I am trying to think of from the last album — and ‘Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way’ certainly have the reaction of ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’ years and years later.”

Bono recently made a sad Prince death comment. Bono and The Edge recently discussed bringing U2 to India in an NDTV interview, saying they’re excited to play for their fans in Mumbai.

The Edge said about the setlist, “Well, it’s The Joshua Tree album with other songs. We will be playing the show in three parts, opening that album from beginning to end and then a third act to close the show. We decided a little while ago to play The Joshua Tree album because its felt like those songs suddenly had a new point. World affairs had almost come 360 (degrees) and it felt to us that we were back to a similar era – the mid-80s when the album was first written and recorded. So, it will be fun to see a whole new audience getting to know those songs played live has an entirety. For us the great thrill is to get to know our Indian audience.”

Scott Stapp recently revealed what Bono did to Creed. Bono praised India, “The other thing that important to us is the fight against injustice. We were shaped and formed by Martin Luther King, Jr, who was a student of Mahatma Gandhi… we have to be actively involved in our democracy to preserve it and show people how we feel and things that we care about. So, we come as students to the source of inspiration that is ‘Ahimsa’, non-violence. Indians gave us this. It is the greatest gift to the world.”

You can read Bono’s full interview with the David Bowie remarks at Rolling Stone India.