Howard Stern Reveals ‘Difficult’ Led Zeppelin Member


Howard Stern discussed Led Zeppelin on his show earlier this week. recapped: After the break Fred played Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes covering ”Ten Years Gone” as they were coming back. Howard said he can tell this is a Gibson guitar. Fred said probably. Howard said he knows a lot about music but he can’t play or sing. He said his roommate had a Gibson and it sounded like that. Howard said he had a guitar and he’d strap it on when girls would walk by the room so he looked cool.

Howard said he’s trying to think of what the opening line is. Fred told him what it was. Howard said he’s heard these songs a million times and he doesn’t know what the lyrics are. He said he thinks being Robert Plant is difficult. He said it’s tough to know when to come in singing.

Howard said he wouldn’t know where to jump in. Robin said you have to just let things start happening. She said you just noodle around with something. Howard said he’s too self conscious to do that.

Howard said they have to get down to the business at hand. Howard said someone asked him about the titles he had in mind for the book. He said some of the titles were Howard Stern Comes too Fast, Dianetics Part 2, Howard Stern Still Masturbates and Mein Cock. He said he’s sure that would have worked.

Howard said he has to get to the Underdog Lady part 2 thing. He said a lot of people loved the first part. He said that they call her Underdog because of her obsession with the cartoon Underdog. He said she goes around making hand made costumes and creating dances in parades. He said she designed and sewed her costumes.

Howard said that Underdog is so fascinating. He said that he’s most fascinated by her. Howard asked Robin who she’s most fascinated by. Robin said she has to be right up there because there’s so much going on there.