Howard Stern Reveals If Ozzy Osbourne Looks Bad After Accident


Ozzy Osbourne recently tripped at home in an accident, aggravating an old injury. Howard Stern said he believed Ozzy looks good now though on a recent episode even after his health issues, saying he is still so great and stylish he can pull off finger nail polish, while Adam Lambert can’t. recapped: Howard said he watched American Idol with the Queen episode. He said Adam Lambert is in Queen now. He said it’s like a tribute band now but they say Adam is carrying on the legend of Freddy Mercury. Howard said he doesn’t get guys who wear finger nail polish other than Steven Tyler. He said Ozzy too.

Apples asked if he can ask a question. Howard asked if he’s getting bored with this. Apples said he wants to hear about Katy Perry on the show. Howard said he’s getting to that. He said Katy had blonde hair. He said she put that thing in her hair like bald babies have. He said she had that on like she was a baby. He said she looks good. He said if he was a dude he’d want to angry fuck her.

Howard said the kids were singing and about 3 of them were off key. He said the judges were complimenting the kids. He said he was like ”Oh come on.” Robin said she doesn’t know what Luke Bryan is doing on that show. She said that’s what she’s been thinking ever since they played one of his songs. Howard said she’s right about that.

Howard said when he was on America’s Got Talent they would cut out his negative comments. He said you have to be positive to get on camera. He said some of the people have to slim down. Robin said that’s body shaming. Howard said you’re young and you have to appeal to young people. He said you don’t see many fat rock stars. Robin said Meatloaf was fat. Robin said Leslie West too. Howard said he always told him to slim down. He said Leslie didn’t give a fuck though.