Howard Stern Reveals Why There’s ‘No Way’ Chris Cornell Killed Himself


Howard Stern discussed Chris Cornell and his death on his show on Wednesday, according to a recap.

He said they’ll have Chris Cornell doing ”Black Hole Sun” too [on an upcoming weekend music series]. He played some of that performance from 2007.

Howard said that is one of the best songs ever written. He said he didn’t kill himself either. He said no way. He said there’s no way someone who can sing like that and looks like that is going to kill themselves. He said it’s impossible. He said it had to be Fred who did it.

Howard said he can’t even tell you how good this Saturday show is. He said Tom Petty died and Miley Cyrus came in and did a performance for them. He said she did a cover of ”Wild Flowers.” He played some of that.

Later on, Peter Frampton was the guest and Chris Cornell was discussed again.

Howard said it seems unthinkable to him that Chris Cornell is gone. He said that he is a good looking guy and he had so much talent. Peter said it was sad. He said they had a great tribute show for him out in California. Howard said they had a lot of people playing out there for that. Howard had some of the cover of Black Hole Sun that they did. Howard said Peter had a big smile on his face while playing it. Peter said it’s not funny but it’s enjoyable. Howard said he gets into ecstasy with music. Peter said it’s a different head space for him. He said no one can tell him anything when he walks on stage. He said he tries not to think.

Howard said he owns the stage. He asked how long he’s been playing. Peter said he’s been playing for 60 years. Robin asked how old he is. Peter said he’s 43. Howard said Peter won a Grammy for his instrumental version of Black Hole Sun. He said that’s his connection to Chris Cornell. He asked if a Grammy meant anything to him. Peter said it did when he got one. Howard asked if it really means anything. Peter said people thought he was going to get one for Comes Alive. He said that when you’re too big you don’t get one. Howard said it was crazy how big that album was. Peter said it was. He said there were people who said it should be them instead of him but it was him.