Van Halen Icon Breaks Silence After Tragic Bombshell


Wolfgang Van Halen has announced to the tragic 6.4 Southern California earthquake in a new tweet. Van Halen has been mostly quiet since rumors of a Van Halen reunion tour with Michael Anthony returning on bass.

“If you don’t tweet about it, did the earthquake even happen?”

The earthquake hit 55 miles Northwest of Barstow, with the effects being felt throughout Southern California in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“You could hear a rumble and the ground started shaking and you thought, ‘Oh, it’s just a little earthquake,’ and then it hit hard and then everything really started shaking and I thought, ‘Well, this might be it.'” Carolyn Storruste described the moment the California quake hit on CNN.

Ron Lin tweeted, “Magnitude 6.4 earthquake was actually centered in Kern County near the town of Ridgecrest, California. It might’ve felt scary to those in L.A. County, but it was really only intensity 2 or 3 shaking–“weak.” Not strong enough to set off ShakeAlertLA.”

Kern County Fire tweeted that they are working nearly two dozen incidents in and around the city of Ridgecrest, California, following today’s earthquake, CNN reports.

Those incidents range from structure fires to medical assistance calls, they said.

“#EarthquakeResponse @kerncountyfire resources working nearly 2 dozens incidents ranging from medical assistance to structure fires in and around the city of Ridgecrest, CA. @kerncountyfire Urban Search and Rescue teams en route. #kerncountyfirefighters.”