Howard Stern Takes Brutal Shot At Weezer


Howard Stern said on a recent episode that while he likes the Weezer classic “Say It Ain’t So” that it is just ‘okay’ during the verses, and that they should skip the ‘boring’ part of the song. Weezer recently were part of a terrible tragedy with Nine Inch Nails. recapped: After the break they played Weezer’s ”Say It Ain’t So” as they were coming back. Howard came back and said he likes those guys. He said that’s a good name too. He said he’ll wait until they get to the good part and then shut it off. Howard said this song is an okay song but then it gets great. He said you have to wait a long time though. He said they’re boring us now, but then the chorus is good. He said Jon Bon Jovi said ”Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” Howard said now you can go take a dump and kill time before the chorus. He said he would have told them to get to the good part sooner. He let the song play a little longer. Robin said the song is a metaphor for today’s show.

Howard said he promised they would try to get to this ”Show us your package thing. He asked Gary what he has. Gary said the news doesn’t have a delay but they had to have that back in their days on terrestrial radio. Gary said this guy used the word ”fucking” in the news and they act surprised that they weren’t able to stop it. Howard played that clip. The guest apologized for the curse word.

Gary said in this next one a water treatment plant collapsed near his house and he ended up cursing. Gary said this was the guy explaining what goes on there. The guy was describing how that’s where your piss and shit goes. The news anchor had to apologize for the profanity.

Howard said the guy was just describing what goes on there. He did his impression of that guy. Robin said she likes how they went to that guy instead of the guy who runs the plant.