Howard Stern Is Trying To Reunite Blink-182 With Tom DeLonge


Howard Stern discussed Blink-182 and wanting Tom DeLonge to reunite with the band in his studio on his show yesterday. recapp the conversation.

Howard said he was thinking about that song ”Stay Together for the Kids’ and it’s such a good song. He said Gary told him it’s a song writing team and the guy who left the band wrote the songs and played guitar. He said now he’s chasing UFOs and stuff. He said he was telling his friend Pat about it and maybe the UFOs are in the concerts so maybe he could perform there. Howard said he thought that was funny.

Howard said Gary heard from the band’s management or something. Gary said he heard from the management of the guy who left the band. He said they say he has a legitimate organization for the search for aliens. He said that they told him about some ex-NSA guy who has agreed to work with him. Howard said that should be a hobby and not a job.

Gary said he heard from Blink’s management and they want to come in and perform. Howard said they want the alien guy though. Gary said they’re not performing together now. Howard said they need to do more of an investigation. Gary said he got an email from the guy who directed the video for that song. He said that was the second video that they shot. He said they shot a video on 9/11 and they had to scrap it because they had a house exploding in it. Howard said he wants to see that. Gary said he has a link. Howard said he really doesn’t care that much.

Robin asked if they can get the guy who searches for aliens. Howard said he’s sure he has time to come in. He said he probably has a Riley Martin piss jug. He said instead of writing great songs like that he’s searching for aliens. Howard asked if Fred has the song cued up. Fred said he actually does. Howard had him play it and he talked it up like Kid Kelly.

Howard said that’s being touched by god when you can write a song like that. He said fuck the aliens. Robin asked what he’s going to do if he finds the aliens. Howard said he has to talk sense to this guy. He said he has to get back together with them and tour. Howard said they don’t need him to help the aliens. He said if they come to this planet they’re not going to need his help. He said the irony is that when they do come and meet the guy they’ll kill him in 3 seconds by putting a hatchet in his head.

Howard listened to the song a little more and said this guy can write songs and now he’s searching for aliens. He said think of the logic of this. He said he left the band so the aliens can suck his brain out when they do come here. Robin said even if they’re peaceful, what’s the point? Howard said right.

Fred played some Riley Martin audio clips and Howard had a conversation with them. Howard was asking Riley questions and Fred played Riley saying ”Huh?” and clips lie that.

Gary said that he has some notes about Tom DeLonge and what he’s up to. He said they say he didn’t quit the group. He said that they say he was giving crazy interviews and he got involved in some kind of scandal. Howard said that’s enough information on that. Gary said he has a second of three novels coming out too. Howard said it sounds like there’s a rift in the band. He said he didn’t quit the band.

Fred played some more Riley Martin clips. Howard was having a conversation with them again. Howard said he would have told Tom less tin foil and more guitar. He said he has to take a break. He went to break a short time later.