Metallica Icon Reveals ‘Overweight’ Lars Ulrich Photo


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has revealed a photo with a man dressed as Santa Claus who looks an awful lot like an overweight Santa version of Lars Ulrich, fans have pointed out in comments. Lars Ulrich was caught sitting on the lap of a female Metallica fan in a photo.

Metallica fans on Reddit discussed the band scrapping several ‘St. Anger’ songs in 2003. Peebo_Sanchez posted, “I think they had somewhere around 30 songs they made and didnt put most of them on the record. It reminds me of some kind of monster when hes listening to st. Anger and you can tell on his face he hates it.

I really do not like the album and I hated their choice not to do solos on it (I agree with kirk saying it just seems like bullshit they’re buying into because that was popular music at the time) I’ve come back and revisited the record many times since it came out in 03 and I can honestly say I’m glad they made it because we got death magnetic after, but man, that was a rough patch.”

Eravne26463 responded, “Definitely, the rare gems on it are pretty good, you just have to judge them outside of the abomination that is the album in it’s entirety.”

Peebo_Sanchez shot back, “Exactly. That’s why I didnt care when they cut their hair and did load and reload, you know they’d been around for 15 years and had 5 killer records it’s only normal to want to try something different.

Then the napster thing happened and I do not agree with them at all about the stance they took, being hypocrites about trading music. And the. St. Anger, which was trying something new and failing miserably. But had they not done those things and tried different styles they would’ve only been remembered as the guys that did enter sandman and sued Napster.” Jason Newsted being disrespected at a record store was just revealed.