Howard Stern Viciously Unloads On Queen ‘Karaoke’ Act


Howard Stern recently called Queen with Adam Lambert a ‘karaoke’ act. recapped: Howard said they opened up the Academy Awards with Adam Lambert. He said that kid can really sing but he goes around singing with Queen. He said he’s basically doing karaoke every night. He said that he must feel kind of defeated. He said maybe he should write some new songs with those boys.

He said that Adam Lambert scares him a bit. He said he looks like these guys who do slight of hand. He said Brian is an astrophysicist or something. He works with NASA on stuff.

Howard said the guy can shred too. He said he’s great. He said he loves the song ”Keep Yourself Alive” too. Robin said that was just running through her head. Howard said that riff is so great. Fred played some of the song. Howard talked it up like he was a DJ on WPLJ.

Howard said Brian May must need to get that astrophysicist job when you’re touring with Adam Lambert. He said that Brian uses a British coin instead of a pick. Robin said she was thinking that Brian is in his own tribute band now. Howard said he kind of is. He said if he could play like this he wouldn’t be an astrophysicist. Howard said just listen to this song.

Howard said there’s nothing in space so just play guitar. Robin said he can do both. Howard said he was wondering if he would go to a 2 hour show of Queen with Adam Lambert and he said no.

Howard took a call from Ralph who said Adam Lambert looks really scary. Robin said he has really dark hair and the facial hair. Ralph said he looks creepy. Howard said the guy can sing though. He said he’s not there to dump on the guy.