Huge Pop Star Does Something Adorable For Chris Cornell’s Children


Ed Sheeran invited Chris Cornell’s son Chris Jr. and daughter Toni to attend a recent concert. Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis wrote on Instagram about the experience.

“He was good friend of Chris! So he invited them to go to his show and to see Toni and Cball! How wonderful of him to stay in touch and invite them! Toni had met him before with Dad I believe! There are so many wonderful people out there! Actually all of Chris’ friends and those who met him surround the children with their love and are there for them! Wonderful people do exist! If you make a promise to be in the kids’ life you must keep it! These people are my heroes because they do! Keep the promise applies to all of us!”

So cool!!?? #tonicornell #chriscornell #edsheeran

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Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky tweeted that she ‘couldn’t agree more’ with a new MyNorthWest article written by Ron Upshaw titled ‘Seattle fails at honoring its hometown music icons.’

The article states, “In my opinion, we don’t do a very good job here in Seattle of honoring our icons. Hendrix is on the Mt. Rushmore of Rock & Roll guitarists in just about every critic and rock historian’s book. You’d hardly know he’s a hometown kid.”

It later says, “We should do better. You should walk through this town and see mementos of Jimi, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and Chris Cornell. Maybe people around the world would be interested to know about the history of Pearl Jam or Soundgarden or arguably the greatest, most creative guitarist that ever lived.”