Bandmate Takes Credit For ‘Wasted’ Marilyn Manson’s Injury: ‘I Hope He Suffers’


Former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo), made a series of posts on Facebook about a stage prop collapsing on Marilyn Manson Saturday night at a show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York and injuring him. He claimed that his ‘voodoo’ and ‘black magic’ was responsible for the accident.

I guess he was close enough for my black magic to work

This is why old wasted people shouldn’t fumble around in the dark.

If he had broken his ankle he wouldn’t be walking around like this, that is probably just more of his hyperbole. I recall the same excuse being used to cancel a Los Angeles show when all it was was a slightly sprained ankle.

And anyways if you’re going to climb the scaffolding, shouldn’t you be doing that during “my monkey”?

Well if it weren’t for the guns, the truss would have actually hit him pretty hard.

Well he is pretty famous for turning his wasted mistakes into serendipitous publicity events.

The converse is also true: he often turns publicity events into wasted mistakes.

The guns (I assume) were carved out of foam, which is really typical like Ozzy’s demons. And the truss maybe is aluminum. When you’re shipping things around the country you want them to be as light as possible and need as few crew hands as possible to move and set up.

I’m only 16 miles away [from the venue]. And as the crow flies (or the voodoo works) it’s even shorter than that…

I forgive him, but I hope he suffers.

  • Corndog

    It really doesn’t look that bad at all. The prop appears to be pretty light, and as this guy said likely to be made out of modelling foam. It doesn’t seem that he would have been particularly badly injured. A bump or two at most i would imagine.

  • Brandon Harbaugh

    agreed. you can clearly see its super light with how it falls, and how easily its picked back up. hell, it looked like it bounced right off him when it hit him. Lame.

  • 40sRunner Girl

    Looks like 2 d1ldos fired off a simultaneous money shot, and the d1ldo-rider climbing on them fell off.

    • Corndog

      You can say dildo. We wont judge you:)

      • 40sRunner Girl

        Thought the censor thingie would catch me. It looks pretty stupid, tho. I feel for the lives of roadies whose safety depends on the strength of that equipment every day, and then some dbag singer climbs all over it and ruins everything. It can be kinda cute when singers climb the scaffolding, but I’d think Marilyn was kinda old for this antic. Oh well, bit him in the butt, I guess.

        • Corndog

          I said in another thread that i don’t think it looks that bad. The prop appears to be made of foam, and it looked to be very light. I can’t imagine that he would have been very badly hurt by it. Maybe he just didn’t feel like heading out on tour and needed a convenient excuse?

          • 40sRunner Girl

            Yeah…agreed. I don’t see a real injury here, either.

  • azur Rienne

    Wow, bitter you got kicked out of the band much?

    • Felipe Campos

      he made the bound sound better. but manson fucked over lot of his mates. karma’s a bitch