Tool Producer Unloads On ‘Fear Inoculum’ Haters


New Tool album Fear Inoculum producer Joe Barresi was interviewed this week on Pensado’s Place, and he reacted to haters questioning small issues on the band’s epic new album. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Maynard James Keenan was caught using a phone at a concert in a classic photo.

“I got an Instagram thing after Tool came out, somebody saying, ‘What’s that noise at this particular mark?’ I said, ‘Maybe that’s where the bass went from mono to stereo, and the guitar went from stereo to mono, and the drum kit changed from his normal kit to his stainless steel kit.’ Just quit thinking about it and enjoy it.”

The interview description states, “This week’s guest is singlehandedly moving the entire rock genre forward with his incredible contributions to projects like Tool’s latest, Fear Inoculum, Slipknot’s We Are Not Your Kind, Alice in Chains’ Rainier Fog, and more. Please welcome to the desk, Joe Barresi!”

A Tool member revealing how Maynard James Keenan ‘annoyed’ them to finish in the studio was detailed a few days ago. SBY59TH commented on Reddit on the Barresi interview, “Do they talk about how much clipping there is all along Fear Inoculum ? I don’t like listening to it on headphones because of that. Less noticeable on speakers.”

siin101 responded, “Yeah they do, and he said to shut the f*** up.”

plethoragreen wrote, “I like at the end that he directly addresses people complaining about little details in FI that are viewed as mistakes somewhere along the recording process. Shut up and enjoy the music. Lol.”

Faded_Sun chimed in, “I found that guy in one of my friend’s posts on FB. Huge discussion about clipping, and sound artifacts. I’m just like yeah I don’t hear it, but unfortunate for you if that really ruins an entire record of fantastic music.” A Tool member was recently ‘horrified’ by a Maynard James Keenan concert demand.