Hulk Hogan Drops Mick Jagger Wife Bombshell


WWE Hall of Famer and a pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan recently recalled presenting an award show with The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger’s long term partner, Jerry Hall in the UK.

During Full Send podcast, ‘The Hulkster’ revealed that the band’s bassist quit at the time and he wanted to quit wrestling and join the band.

He asked if he could send a tape to join the band and was told to send it. However, he claims that he never heard a word back. Here is what he said [as transcribed by Alternative Nation]:

“She asked me for a bunch of merchandise for her kids and I said ‘Oh yeah I can send you whatever you want.’ So there was me, I said ‘oh by the way I used to play bass, could I send your husband a tape, you know I’d love to be in the Rolling Stone.’ ‘Yeah yeah send the tape,’ sent it, never heard a word.”

He went on to talk about the legendary Metallica band who needed a bassist eventually. He revealed that he sent an audition tape but never heard a word back from them too. He said:

“Fast forward Metallica needs a bass player. I go holy smokes Metallica, I could be in Metallica? I did an audition tape, put a tape together, sent it to the band, never heard a word from them.”

Check out the podcast below: