Axl Rose & Slash Reunite In Studio With Big Name


Oslo’s Urban Sound Studios recently shared a photo of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash, indicating that it was taken the day after the band’s performance at the Tons Of Rock festival in Norway. The studio expressed their excitement about hanging out with these “rock legends” and mentioned that the band wanted a nice studio to listen to new mixes before their upcoming appearance at the Glastonbury festival.

In an interview in October 2022, Slash revealed that he wants to cut a whole new record with Guns N’ Roses sooner rather than later. He also mentioned that the band has more music to release in the coming months, possibly in a piecemeal fashion. Their most recent release was the four-song EP “Hard Skool,” which came out in February 2022 and included the new songs “Hard Skool” and “Absurd,” as well as live versions of “Don’t Cry” and “You’re Crazy.”

Slash mentioned that during the pandemic, the band reworked several older Guns N’ Roses tracks, and some of those songs are yet to be released. He described them as really good and expressed his excitement about their upcoming release. The new studio album, if it happens, will be the first under the Guns N’ Roses banner since “Chinese Democracy” and the first to feature Slash, Axl Rose, and Duff McKagan together since 1993.

“There’s a handful of those songs that we actually fixed up and did when we were in lockdown,” he explained to “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”. “So those have yet to be released. So those are gonna come out. They’re really good, too. So I’m excited for those. We’re just gonna put out like one or two songs, and another one or two songs. And I think that’s gonna be pretty much all of ’em. I’m not sure exactly how many we did in total.”


Regarding the songs “Hard Skool” and “Absurd,” Slash explained that Axl had recorded them at some point, and he and Duff went in and redid the bass and guitar parts. “Hard Skool” had a long history, dating back to the “Chinese Democracy” era, while “Absurd” was reportedly written during the same sessions but was never performed until 2021.

The release of “Hard Skool” and “Absurd” marked Guns N’ Roses’ return to releasing new music after a significant gap. As for future plans, Slash mentioned that the band hasn’t started writing new material yet but has been working on existing songs that have been sitting around for a while.

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