Iconic 90’s Singer Reacts To Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington: ‘Money Isn’t Everything’


Former Creed singer Scott Stapp discussed Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and more in a new App interview.

Much has changed since the autumn of 2014. Stapp, 43, was becoming unhinged. His erratic and paranoid behavior forced his wife to kick him out of their Boca Raton home. He claimed that ISIS targeted his son’s school. Stapp was TMZ fodder after his claims leaked and for being involuntarily institutionalized in a psychiatric facility.

“It all has to do with being bipolar,” Stapp said. “It’s a condition that affects millions of Americans. It’s a condition that you suffer with in silence. People have no idea what’s going on inside of you. Being bi-polar contributed to what I am, my successes and failures.”

That sounds eerily similar to how the late Scott Weiland was remembered by his former Stone Temple Pilot bandmates (“Part of that gift was part of your curse,” STP posted on Facebook after the band’s former singer passed away). Like the bi-polar Weiland, Stapp has had drug and alcohol issues.

“But fortunately, I’m still here,” Stapp said. “I’m doing my best to turn things around. I’ve changed my lifestyle, my diet. I’ve done everything I can to regain my life and normalcy.”

He also discussed Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell dying by suicide.

“Most people don’t understand,” Stapp said. “They look at someone in rock (who commits suicide) and they say, ‘They’re rich and famous, how can they kill themselves?’ You can have money but that’s not everything. Success isn’t everything.”

Creed enjoyed considerable success during the ’90s. The Florida-based band sold more than 50 million albums.