Nine Inch Nails Reveal If They’ll Tour Or Release New Album In 2017


Trent Reznor said that Nine Inch Nails do not plan to release a full length album this year in a new Yahoo interview, “We’re working on new stuff now, so we’re planning to release more stuff as soon as it’s ready, and I don’t think that’s this year.” Reznor previously stated Nine Inch Nails were planning two major projects for 2017.

He also said Nine Inch Nails do not plan to tour this year, despite announcing their first performance in three years at the Panorama Festival on July 30th in New York.

Reznor also discussed writing new music.

“To some degree, the process of that EP was comforting to us. It dawned on me that every time I walked into our studio, I walked past a couple dusty guitars that I haven’t touched since the last tour because at some point I decided guitars were out of fashion and I’d done that. I thought, “I’ve gotta commit myself to this other thing. And I can’t touch these things. I’ve done these things. I can’t return to that.” And one day we were kind of just f***ing around and strapped the guitar on and slapped a couple pedals on it and without too much thought, some things came out that were a couple years older version of me since the last time I tried that.

It felt fresh because I hadn’t played it for a while. I hadn’t heard those sounds. And I hadn’t heard those sounds from that new thing we just hooked it up to. It felt liberating and it felt free and it felt unfashionable and it felt aggressive and it felt like, ‘F***, this is what we need to do.’ I didn’t overthink it any past that. And that kind of dictated the whole new EP. We’ve been f***ing around with 80 pieces of music, some of which may show up in some fashion here and there. But they were lacking a kind of vitality that demanded they be put out. And when we stumbled into this — you can call it whatever you want — nostalgia, [being] self-referential — I was actually reminded, ‘Oh yeah, this is exciting and it’s fun. And that makes it valid and worth doing.’ I also think it’s a benefit to think it’s unfashionable. That also makes it kind of sexy.”