Iconic Grunge And Hair Metal Singers Join Tool In Studio


Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach joined Tool in the studio to listen to their new album.

“Heavy time yesterday w 3/4 of #TOOL & Buzz from the #Melvins ! Can only imagine the power vocals of @mjkeenan on top of this brutally Majestic sound. Got to check out an original EMU synthesizer one of many vintage instruments at the studio ?️ thank you guys for the preview!”

“Got to check out an original EMU Synthesizer yesterday at #TOOL rehearsal! thanks @AdamJones_tv Danny & Justin for having me over! Less than 12 of these were ever made.”

View photos of Bach with Tool and the tweet below.

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone. He discussed how he schedules his albums. Keenan is currently working on a new Tool album and has a new A Perfect Circle album coming out in April.

“I had a lot of things I needed to do, but it sounded like things weren’t, um, going forward so I had time to shift focus and dabble in something else and see where it would go. With everything I do, there are deadlines for progress. So if I see a spot like, ‘Eh, there’s just not a lot of movement,’ I’ll shift gears.”

Rolling Stone later asked, “Speaking of which, Danny Carey has been saying Tool would be releasing a new album this year. Can you say anything about that, Maynard?”

Keenan responded, “[Pauses] No.”

Rolling Stone said, “It’s just something a lot of people are curious about.”

Keenan shot back, “[Longer pause] Yeah, I’ve got nothing.”