If Alice in Chains Wrote ‘Toxic’ By Britney Spears


What if Alice In Chains wrote Britney Spears’ pop anthem ‘Toxic’? Well, the thought alone certainly conjures up an intriguing blend of gritty, dark tones mixed with catchy, pop-driven melodies.

Alice in Chains wrote ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears

YouTube user Steve Welsh recently shared his take on how Alice in Chains would have arranged the hit song of Britney Spears. Check it out below:

Alice in Chains certainly carved out a unique niche in the grunge scene in the 90s and they showcased their ability to blend raw emotion with powerful instrumentals. ‘Toxic” by Britney Spears is a song about dangerous attraction and the addictive nature of toxic relationship.

Given the above version, Alice in Chains would likely delve deeper into these themes, adding more layers of darkness and complexity. But this song has all the components of the band and this version of ‘Toxic’ feels like it belongs in the gritty clubs of Seattle during the grunge era. It has a stark contrast to Britney Spear’s original but it’s equally captivating. In related news, Alice In Chains rocked New York.

Recently, it while appearing for a panel at Deadline’s Sound & Screen Television live-music event, Jeff Russo revealed how he adapts to Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley’s requests.

Noting several times that he adjusted the show’s music per Hawley’s ideas, Russo also addressed a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in the season. The revamped version accompanies Jon Hamm’s character Roy Tillman as he walks from a car to a barn where his men are holding Dot (Juno Temple).

“I get these phone calls from Noah,” Russo said. “It’s really funny. We have a great working relationship. He will call me and he’ll be like, ‘Okay, Toxic.’ I’m just quiet. ‘Uh, okay.’ Then he said, ‘No no no, hear me out. The walk.’ And I knew exactly what he’s talking about with the walk.”

Lisa Hannigan, a frequent Russo collaborator, sang the lyrics for “Toxic.”

“We called our friend Lisa Hannigan, who has the voice of an angel, who had sung stuff for us before,” Russo said. “She was like, ‘Send me your track.’ I created a track and sent it to her. She sent me back some ideas. That was a whole back and forth, but the idea that came from trying to figure out how to tell that part of the story without being too much on the nose.”