Kurt Cobain ‘Admitted’ Dave Grohl Was Better?


Nirvana fans recently discussed a comment Kurt Cobain made about Dave Grohl’s guitar work on Reddit.

whatsthehappenstance posted, “Fun fact: Dave Grohl said was anxious about showing Kurt Cobain his Foo Fighters (or whatever he called it at the time) demo and Kurt loved it.”

Col_Butternubs responded, “He was under the name Late! at the time, he released an EP called Pocketwatch, I’m sure it’s up on YouTube somewhere.

Almost all of the songs ended up on the first Foo Fighters record and the ones that didnt can be found across the various B-side compilations with the filing cabinet covers on spotify.

I think Dave said he showed Kurt Alone + Easy Target and that Kurt wanted to change the lyrics but he wanted Dave’s song to be his own so they never used it. One of the songs on Pocketwatch was Marigold, which ended up being a b-side in In Utero.”

neverw1ll wrote, “There’s a really recent interview with the Foo Fighters and Pat is telling a story about being back stage at a Nirvana gig. Kurt and Pat were walking past a room where Dave was playing guitar and singing, they walked by and went around a corner and Kurt turned to Pat and was like “Oh my God, he’s better than both of us! Haha”.

It was a touching story.

Edit: Here is the Howard Stern Interview. The story is at 2:38.”