Steven Tyler Makes Stunning Michael Jackson Revelation


With Michael Jackson in the news again after the ‘Leaving Neverland’ HBO film, many have wondered about rockers’ connections to him. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler previously attended the Michael Jackson ONE show at Mandalay Bay with his girlfriend and other friends. Nikki Sixx made a surprising Aerosmith claim yesterday.

Tyler was escorted backstage for a private meet and greet with the cast of ONE after the show, and he took many photos, complimenting the show and its performers. He said that the show was “Amazing…beyond belief.” He also noted that the electrifying act “Billie Jean” was his favorite moment in show, via MJVibe.

Around the time Aerosmith collaborated with Run-DMC, a Michael Jackson collaboration as possible.

“We met Michael Jackson two times. And people probably don’t know this, but Run-DMC was going to make us a record with Michael Jackson,” Daryl McDaniels revealed to Yahoo. “And if you ask me the reason why it never happened, the joke is Run-D.M.C. was too busy to make a record with Michael.

He wanted to record with us, but [our third album] Raising Hell was killing; ‘My Adidas’ had us running around, getting the endorsement deal; and [the Aerosmith collaboration] ‘Walk This Way’ just took us to another stratosphere. But the two times that we met with Michael, we sat down and we talked.”