Iggy Azalea Posts Black Leather Outfit Photo


In a new photo on Instagram, as reported by Thirsty For News, Iggy Azalea has made it very clear that she is here to stay and is still making an impact within the music industry. Iggy had seemed to have been away from music for a bit, and then a bombshell was dropped that she would be doing OnlyFans. Since she has been on that site, she has made more money doing that than within music.

That said, you can see that the entire vibe of her music page has changed. More than ever, it’s a page that has comments about her OnlyFans rather than much about her music. The music fans are still there, but it looks like more people want to see her pose in photos and charge them extra on her private site.

Taking a look at the comments, some people still have commented about her music, but sadly, most of the comments in that realm are not kind at all, so we will not be hosting them here. Iggy made a move and a lot of people just are not happy about that move at all. Then again, it is her life, so what’s the big issue?

Take a look at her newest photo below about a skate deck that features Iggy on it as she’s also dressed in a black outfit to showcase the skate deck.