Mick Jagger Looks Ridiculous In Football Game Video


The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger, 79, recently traveled to Craven Cottage today to watch his beloved soccer team Arsenal team defeat Fulham. The Rolling Stones’ leading man was accompanied by his two youngest children, son Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, six, and Lucas, 22.

Mick chose a cheeky cap for the event, reading the term “DILF”, stemming from the term MILF meaning, “mother I’d like to f**k”, popularised from the Hollywood film American Pie.

The singer, who has eight children, wrapped up in a black coat and wore a green jumper over his shoulders. Deveraux is Mick’s youngest from his current relationship with Melanie Hamrick, while Lucas is from his brief romance with Luciana Gimenez.

Mick Jagger is set to celebrate his 80th birthday on July 26, with his family reportedly planning a “massive blowout” to celebrate the rocker’s birthday. The Rolling Stones frontman has a total of eight children from five relationships.

Mick Jagger’s womanizing past was explained by the aforementioned publication. The Express source said: “Mick will always be Mick, and the women in his life accepted that a long time ago. It’s ironic that he sings about getting no satisfaction – but when you see him backstage after a concert and there are kids running around and ex-wives having a great time, you realise he’s a real family man. Everyone is treated equally, and that’s the key. He’s always chosen strong women and it’s a tribute to them that they have created such a happy, blended unit.”