Is Eddie Vedder Canceling 2022 Tour?


There’s really so much to be said about Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder. So many rumors have been swirling around in the heads of many fans lately. This all really started with ticket prices. Ticket prices for Pearl Jam events and Eddie Vedder events were just too high and the fans were not happy about it, but fans still love Eddie. There have also been concerns about Omicron recently. Could this have led Eddie Vedder to wanting to cancel his upcoming tour? This is to be seen, but we have the information that you’re looking for as we take a deep dive into just what is truly going on behind the scenes of Eddie Vedder’s life on the road.

As of late, rumors began a swirl about Eddie Vedder wanting to cancel his tour. This made many fans very nervous about what was coming next and could it have been the end of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder as they know it? Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam or going anywhere anytime soon. Well, maybe they’ll be going on tour soon which would be great for fans.

The rumors about Eddie Vedder wanting to cancel the tour started on the website that is dedicated to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. On this website many fans come together to talk on the forms to each other about what’s coming up for the band and for Eddie Vedder. It looks like the fans have found out that a website was reselling tickets under the name of the venue that was hosting and Eddie Vedder show, but the website that was reselling the tickets was fraudulent.

This was cleared up by Tim Bierman (who works for Pearl Jam) on Twitter as he said: “That is a reseller site. The show is still on.”

The legitimate venue always let out a statement to put fans at ease: “Clarification: Eddie Vedder’s performances on Feb 21 & 22 will go on as planned. We are aware that an independent resale site has incorrectly marked these concerts as canceled. Please refer to for the latest info.”

With this, we urge all fans of any band to look into the website that they are buying tickets from.