Is Rage Against The Machine Breaking Up After Cancelation?


Rage Against The Machine canceled their 2023 tour yesterday, and fans are speculating on if they will stay together after Zack de la Rocha heals from his injury.

RoadmanFemi posted on Reddit, “If the insurance paid out I don’t think they will, no.”

popartist said, “I think they’ll tour in 2024 because it’s a major election year (which appeared to be at least part of the impetus for the original timing of the tour before COVID hit). After that, I am not optimistic about them staying together.”

thedynamicdreamer wrote, “I’m hopeful, but not necessarily optimistic about another tour in 2-3 years. Zack will heal, but I don’t think he’ll ever be the same; he’s gonna have to take it easy from here on out. I’m ok with that. I actually thought him doing the tour sitting down was pretty poetic: he used to be the passionately intense, young revolutionary and now he would be the old wise man preaching to the youth. It’s pretty freaking cool! But, who knows where everyone will be in the next few years…everything just seems so uncertain, idk.

I hope I get to see em though. I’ve been waiting for this since I was 15 (I’m 30 now), and believe me when I say, this band changed my life. For real.”

Car_Guy_Alex added, “We’ll probably never see new music from them. I just hope they play more shows at some point. I was at the Alpine Valley show this tour to start things off, and it reminded me how much I loved seeing them live. I feel bad for everyone who waited so long and didn’t get their chance.”