Steven Tyler Falls Down Backstage In Awful Video


Steven Tyler, Walk This Way [but don’t fall down]! At a recent Aerosmith show in Las Vegas, Nevada frontman Steven Tyler took a nasty tumble as he was talking to the camera. Steven Tyler was filmed driving an expensive car not too long ago. Not to worry though, the seventy-one year old lead singer is A’OK as he got up soon after. Maybe not to try and be too over confident next time Steven. You can view this turbulent tumble below. Steven Tyler’s daughter made an ‘ugly’ photos revelation a couple of days ago.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans on the Aeroforce message board discussed the legacy of the classic 1976 hit, Back In The Saddle. The song appeared on the band’s forth studio album – Rocks. It peaked at #38 on the Billboard Hot 100.

AeroCooper posted: “‘The girls are soaking wet, no tongue’s drier than mine.’ In my perfect world no other song could ever open an Aerosmith set. Such a powerful way to enter the arena. And add in the Psycho theme song chirping used on Live! Bootleg and it’s a wet dream come true.”

Slashisenglish said: “It was so cool when you could see the bands shadows and then boom.
But I’m guessing it’s gone for Health and Safety!? KISS don’t have theirs either. I mean a giant flag could blow a gust of wind and mess peoples hair up.”

JJ chimed in with: “A great song – nothing quite like it. A great opener as well. First time I saw Aerosmith this was the opener, but the curtain was raised slowly, rather than dropped. That slow reveal added to the excitement.”

RiffsonRutts replied: “I’d have to say it’s my favorite song. It’s starting to get a lot of mileage(I mean I’ve heard it so many times) but I am not getting tired of it yet. Really fun to play on guitar!” Steven Tyler’s girlfriend took this sad bathroom photo.