Izzy Stradlin Brutally Slaps Guns N’ Roses Bandmate


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Tracii Guns revealed that Izzy Stradlin slapped him in the face during a fight in a new interview. He also discussed playing with Axl Rose. A bombshell 2020 Guns N’ Roses rumor recently leaked.

Guns told AL, “What makes most cool guys cool is a certain insecurity. They don’t want to be judged, they don’t want confrontation so they choose their words carefully and when they finally put out an idea, it’s a great idea and well thought-through. And he’s certainly one of those guys. Even when we were teenagers Izzy was the coolest guy in town.

I got in a fight with him and it was the coolest fight I’d ever been in, you know? [Laughs] He was so methodically about the way he bitch-slapped me, it was awesome. There’s certain people that have personality like that and you can equate cool with careful, and I believe Izzy’s a very careful person. And he’s very well read, he’s a smart guy and that’s why he’s probably always been kind of out of the public eye other than onstage because he knows better.”

Duff McKagan recently revealed why Izzy Stradlin did not join the Guns N’ Roses reunion like he and Slash did.

“I don’t know what the actual truth is. We definitely wanted him to do it, and I think he entertained the thought, but he never came down and rehearsed.”

“We had amps for him, ready to go. The first month of rehearsal went by… nothing. The second month of rehearsal came by, and we’re talking to him: ‘We’re getting close, Iz.’ The third month of rehearsal went by… nothing. I guess he just didn’t want to tour this big and for so long.”

Guns later discussed the first time he heard Axl Rose sing, “Well, we spent so much time together that before I ever jammed with him we were at a soundcheck together where Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns were playing together. That was the first time I heard him sing, and it was him just checking the mic. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was like, ‘Oh s— who is this guy?’ [Laughs] And that’s a very vivid memory.”

The Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion recently released a new episode:

Damon Johnson never wanted to be a solo artist. He was happy with his resume of Brother Cane, Black Star Riders, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and many other great gigs. But now with his new solo album, “Memoirs of an Uprising,” he has found new purpose.

Damon takes us through his journey, including how Eric Dover recommended him to Alice Cooper, when he took over for Richard Fortus in Thin Lizzy, writing with West Arkeen, the PledgeMusic debacle, and much much more!

Special co-host is Bill Powell, Associate Producer for the nationally syndicated radio show “hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus.”

Listen to “Damon Johnson talks Memoirs, Thin Lizzy, and West Arkeen | Ep. 132” on Spreaker.