James Iha Disrespected At Smashing Pumpkins Show


Photo credit: @d_encina on Twitter

On The Smashing Pumpkins Shiny and Oh So Bright tour, James Iha gets a moment to shine during the show when he takes center stage to perform “Blew Away.” Die hard fans noted that at a recent show, many fairweather fans disrespected the legendary Smashing Pumpkins guitarist by going to the bathroom and getting beer during the performance.

Art of Tom Savage tweeted, “To the sea of poser @SmashingPumpkin ‘fans’ that all went for their bathroom break during @James_Iha extremely rare and beautiful song Blew Away. Just stay out of the show. You head Zero. Its over for you. So disrespectful. Dont ever bi&$% about ‘the real pumpkins line up’ again.”

Todd Michaelson responded, “Amen….happened at MSG show too. :/”

Dean Foulks tweeted, “#jamesiha @SmashingPumpkin I want to apologize for the disrespect @TheGarden showed you
You rock. You remain tight and talented and just because the mumbles grew noticable it was not due to your skill or singing or song just foolish crowds.”

He added, “The crowd almost in unison got new drinks started conversations and went to the bathroom. It was like a Ringo number.”

Dean said Iha received more respect at the 30th anniversary show in New Jersey.

“I don’t want to sound like a #homer but tonight at the @PNCArtsCenter for the special @SmashingPumpkin show Mr #jamesiha was treated like a gentleman. No cocktails in #Jersey. We stay for the show.”

  • Suicide_Note

    Well, the song sounds boring as shit. No wonder people got up in droves to make a beer or bathroom run.

    • Eli

      Listen to studio version
      It fucking kills!!!

      • Suicide_Note

        They’re not talking about the studio version, dude.

        • Eli

          I know but I was just pointing out that the original is amazing, especially when the original solo hits.
          The cover is boring because they don’t do what makes the original amazing

  • Matthew Smith

    James Iha is one of my favorite guitarists. He is also one of my least favorite singers.

    • Chris

      I have much respect for him. His last solo album is pretty good. Nobody in this band is the best singer, but they show with hard work and dedication…. you can do almost anything.

  • David

    It’s not disrespectful to go get food and drink at a show. If e everyone does it at the same time then that is on the artist. Maybe you should instead say hey they dont like the song, or maybe as it certainly seemed here that the song is boring and out of tune with your audience. People dont go to smashing pumpkins to see a song thT sound like it belong on an humperdinck Album.

    • Chris

      Dude, they played an amazing set and i have heard nothing but great words from even the casual fans. people like you are really messed up in the head.

    • Corndog

      Who the hell is Darsky? For that matter, who the hell is Corrigan??

  • Gary Reilly

    I’d hardly call it disrespectful. At a 2hr+ show it’s inevitable that people are going to do toilet/beer runs. And as it’s the Smashing Pumpkins show and not the James Iha show, it’s even more inevitable that they may do this when he takes to the mic.

  • PB

    That was an amazing show, but the song Iha sang was a snoozer. Several of the Billy songs were snoozers as well. I’m a huge pumpkins, but that was a 3 hour show, and you have to pick your beer and bathroom songs wisely. I was never a huge fan of the songs Iha took on vocals besides A Night Like This. No disrespect, I love that they brought him back for this tour, and I hope he continues to play with the pumpkins, bc that show was absolutely incredible. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Helena Handbasket

    Who is more dumb: the moron who writes an “article” based entirely on morons’ tweets, or the moron who actually read it (me)?

  • Matthiu Ryin

    If you don’t like every song on Mellon collie then you aren’t a real fan.. a fairwether fan is the type who likes the radio songs and doesn’t like the b sides.. yeah it’s not on Mellon collie.. jus sayin there’s a correlation between people who would skip blew away and skip porcelina…

  • Bill Fabrizio

    I had to piss. I had to go during that song. Get over it.
    Hint for the Pumpkins and, moreso, their rabid fans: If you don’t want people getting up for the bathroom/drinks/food/etc in the middle of your set, don’t do a 3 hour set – beer does not last that long in someone’s system, and the more you have, the shorter it lasts.
    “Blew Away” was about the halfway point in the show at Mohegan (I’m sure the other venues’ playlists weren’t too dissimilar), and it had the Mark McGrath video lead in. Those silly videos are another signal to make a run from any show because that means that you aren’t missing music. Get over it.

    • Bill Fabrizio

      Also, where’s the manufactured outrage for the 2/3 of the crowd that don’t bother to watch the opening act? Metric did not deserve THAT disrespect.

  • Leash

    Iha is an overrated spare that should not be allowed near a microphone. Whether singing or when he talked to the audience he sounded like a bored Ben Stein. This band KILLS it when they’re playing but they also know how to drain the energy out of the room after every song. James shouldn’t feel disrespected by me and everyone hitting the head during his song, he should feel disrespected that Billy shares ALL of the juicy guitar parts with another dude that looks like a jr high teacher (no offense to jr high teachers)(and he is a badass guitarists though).

  • JangleAtmo

    How has this tour been so far?