James Iha Disrespected At Smashing Pumpkins Show


Photo credit: @d_encina on Twitter

On The Smashing Pumpkins Shiny and Oh So Bright tour, James Iha gets a moment to shine during the show when he takes center stage to perform “Blew Away.” Die hard fans noted that at a recent show, many fairweather fans disrespected the legendary Smashing Pumpkins guitarist by going to the bathroom and getting beer during the performance.

Art of Tom Savage tweeted, “To the sea of poser @SmashingPumpkin ‘fans’ that all went for their bathroom break during @James_Iha extremely rare and beautiful song Blew Away. Just stay out of the show. You head Zero. Its over for you. So disrespectful. Dont ever bi&$% about ‘the real pumpkins line up’ again.”

Todd Michaelson responded, “Amen….happened at MSG show too. :/”

Dean Foulks tweeted, “#jamesiha @SmashingPumpkin I want to apologize for the disrespect @TheGarden showed you
You rock. You remain tight and talented and just because the mumbles grew noticable it was not due to your skill or singing or song just foolish crowds.”

He added, “The crowd almost in unison got new drinks started conversations and went to the bathroom. It was like a Ringo number.”

Dean said Iha received more respect at the 30th anniversary show in New Jersey.

“I don’t want to sound like a #homer but tonight at the @PNCArtsCenter for the special @SmashingPumpkin show Mr #jamesiha was treated like a gentleman. No cocktails in #Jersey. We stay for the show.”