James Iha Reveals New Album With Billy Corgan


Smashing Pumpkins members James Iha and Billy Corgan have announced a new 1998 live joint solo performances release, with a new video being released with Iha discussing the projects.

“Live at the Viper Room – it’s rare because it’s just me and a guitar” – James Iha

Live at the Viper Room 1998 vinyl was available for pre-order on Saturday July 31 exclusively through @madamezuzus online.

Check out @madamezuzus for the latest release information… 🥇🥈

This acoustic, intimate setting was the first time songs from Adore were played live.

James Iha acoustic set:

Be Strong Now
One and Two
Country Girl
Sound of Love

Billy Corgan acoustic set:

To Sheila
Let Me Give The World To You
Once Upon A Time
Daphne Descends
Ava Adore
Blissed and Gone

RobiWanKenobi asked on Reddit, “Does anyone know if the Viper Room release will get a digital [ FLAC] sale release? $255 AUD is unfortunately way to much to justify a double LP right now. But would happily pay $20 for the digital tracks. Has WPC opened up about any possibility?”

JHonn0 responded, “I don’t totally understand the exclusivity behind these archive releases so far. Sure, they’re choice live recordings of pristine quality direct from the vaults, but why do they have to be super expensive vinyl only? Seems releases like these are perfect for a simple (affordable) download, so why not just have both options? And wouldn’t a download option help offset the production costs for the vinyl, therefore making it cheaper?

No live album is worth the prices they’re asking, especially when the Viper Room show is already out there as a bootleg. Sure the quality will be much better, but it’s still just a solo acoustic show.”