Jane’s Addiction Reunion Album Revealed?


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently noted that the band will start recording new music in August, ahead of their tour with Smashing Pumpkins.

Perry Farrell talks about new music of Jane’s Addiction

In a recent interview with Spin, Farrell had said that he would be busy with three of his groups in the coming weeks, and was also considering working on a protest folk music project.

“I’m going to be recording through August,” Farrell confirmed. “And that will be for Porno for Pyros, for Kind Heaven Orchestra and for Jane’s Addiction.”

Farrell accepted that, despite years of strong connections, Jane’s Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins weren’t obvious tourmates. But he explained the road trip – which runs from Oct. 2 until Nov. 19 – had been Billy Corgan’s idea: “[H]e approached us, and what I found interesting about Billy’s offer is that we’re going to share production. So I have the ability to make a show that is as grand as his. And I like that a lot. Because there’s something unique about Billy – not only in his music, but in the fact that he puts his time into producing a show that is not just musical, but also visceral.

“You’re being lit up by lights and video and costuming and all these things. It’s a proper show. I think a lot of people today, they get up there on the stage and they’re just greedy – they don’t want to put out for any of those other things that, I would say, you expect when you’re coming to a concert. Don’t you want see the band up there all sexy, and check out what they’re wearing, and have the lights creating drama? And then, of course, there’s the sound, and the sound’s going to be fantastic at these shows.”

Farrell revealed his interest in another style of music by saying: “I really want to get into some protest folk right now. I think the world could really use protest folk.” He went on: “Now, would protest folk be the greatest thing to hear at a large festival? Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make it. … You just have to consider where you’re going to be performing, and who you’re going to be performing for, and what your personal desires are for creating and recording and playing.”