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David Bowie Fought Rock Legend Before Death

Don’t let David Bowie fool you. He was a stern fighter who didn’t want to take any grief from anyone, even if it meant that he was about to lose a client to work with. David Bowie was all about professionalism. In fact, he was supposed to be played by MGK in a bio-pic. He knew how important music was to his life and livelihood. David Bowie only wanted to be surrounded by those who felt the same. While Bowie surely did enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle – he wasn’t a fan when it got to be too much.
Enter Lou Reed. At the time, David Bowie was a producer and Lou Reed was with Velvet Underground. The two bonded effortlessly over music and they were just about ready to work together and make a flawless album, the issue was Lou Reed’s partying which caused a fight between the two.
Lou Reed’s guitarist Chuck Hammer recalled the dinner that went wrong between the two artists: “As a guitarist in the Lou Reed band at that time, I was actually sitting next to both David and Lou at dinner when this exchange took pace, I can tell you exactly what transpired verbally.”


At this point, Lou Reed was talking to David Bowie about upcoming music that he wanted to bring to life with Bowie’s help. Hammer stated: “Lou asked David if he would be interested in producing the record and David replied yes.” But Bowie had a request for Reed.

Hammer remembered Bowie’s request: “Stop drinking and clean up your act.” Naturally, this didn’t go well for Bowie.


Hammer said: “And upon that reply…chaos ensued.” Reed reportedly launched himself across the dinner table and attacked Bowie, hitting him in the face and erupting the table into disarray.

Reed would be ejected swiftly.

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Later on, Bowie and the rest of the band returned to the hotel they were all staying at where he continued to spur his pal on.

Hammer said: “It should be noted that this verbal bantering also continued into the night back at the hotel.” Bowie found himself standing in the hotel hallway outside Reed’s room shouting at him.

Bowie was screaming at Reed: “Come out and fight like a man!” But Hammer wasn’t convinced Reed ever heard him.

Hammer said: “Eventually it all quieted down as Lou never reappeared to continue the fight, and was most likely already fast asleep.”

Despite this, Bowie and Reed made up later on. Things didn’t go how Reed wanted as David Bowie would not work with him on his ninth album.

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