Jane’s Addiction Surprise Firing On Tour Revealed


Jane’s Addiction guitar tech Dan Cleary revealed that Eric Avery fired his bass tech on tour. Jane’s Addiction are currently off of their tour with Smashing Pumpkins after Perry Farrell’s injury.

Noooneshocking posted on the AintNoRight.org forums, “He says the crew was called into the production office the day of the Philly show and were told they were all going to be flying home the following morning due to Perry’s ‘injury’ (still extremely vague). Sounds like he was at least initially in the dark like us about what actually happened, and thought they weren’t going to rejoin the tour.

Also mentioned that Eric let his bass tech go. So now Dan will be teching for him instead of Troy, and Troy will be using his tech from The Damned tour earlier this year.”

My Chemical Romance’s favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins, and if they weren’t so busy on tour, they would have been the perfect fill in for Jane’s Addiction. Former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar has put his black and white uniform from the The Black Parade era on sale.

Bob Bryar puts his uniform on eBay sale

The uniform certainly gave one of the most iconic looks, and is even arguably more emblematic than the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge style that they brought back for their performance at When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas last weekend.

Now, one of the Black Parade suits will go under the hammer on eBay, courtesy of former MCR drummer Bob Bryar who is selling the uniform in aid of “abandoned and sheltered animals in areas of Florida and South Carolina that are affected by Hurricane Ian”.

As per the eBay listing the historical costume was handmade by four-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood and is a complete original – it was never officially remade.

Bryar wore the piece during a number of photoshoots, live shows and music videos during the album run of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade in 2007.

“Hello. Does anyone want this? I have no clue how much it’s worth” writes Bryar in the listing. “It’s my OG Black Parade costume. It was used in the photos, videos, DVD’s, and handmade by Colleen Atwood (look her up).

“It’s just sitting in a box doing nothing and people need help with money right now. There might be a few surprise dog hairs on it because I let my dog Fred wear it for a minute as you can see in the picture. The Fred hairs are free.”

“If it sells, in addition to what we’ve already sent, the money will be going to abandoned and sheltered animals in areas of Florida and south Carolina that are affected by hurricane Ian.”

Check out the suit below: