Greta Van Fleet Singer Bad Haircut Photo Revealed


A rare photo of Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka with a short haircut has surfaced. We personally think he looks better with his hair a bit longer, but to each their own, fortunately it’s longer now! Josh’s brother Jake Kiszka revealed the secret behind the band members’ great hair in a How Was It Detroit interview.

HWID: Nice choice! You’ve been more than generous with your time so I just have a few rapid-fire questions to end with if you don’t mind. What’s your favorite app on your phone right now?

JK: Spotify probably.

HWID: Snapchat or Instagram?

JK: Instagram, I guess…actually, neither. [laughs]

HWID: Alright then, I guess I’ll stop following you on Instagram… (Kidding. Follow Jake here.) Bavarian Inn or Zehnder’s?

JK: Ahh. Hmm…going to go with Zehnder’s.

HWID: Have you ever yelled at someone “Google me, bitch!”?

JK: Ha! No, I’ve never said that…yet. Maybe I’ll try it on one of the guys later and see what happens.

HWID: Please report back, we’d love to hear how it goes. Something I’ve noticed that all four of you guys share is FANTASTIC hair. I was hoping you could provide some hair tips for us.

JK: Only condition at the tips, not the roots, because it will really kill your volume.

HWID: Alright Jake, I appreciate your time and we’re looking forward to seeing you guys play in Detroit, we’re really loving your stuff.

JK: Thanks man, I appreciate your time, too. Looking forward to the show in Detroit!

Greta Van Fleet were recently photographed with a hot singer on their tour bus.