Jason Newsted Reacts To Emotional Metallica Demand


A Metallica fan revealed that he asked former bassist Jason Newsted to sign ..And Justice For All, and he kindly granted the demand from the fan. A photo has surfaced as well of the signed album, along with another signature, with some Reddit users leaving some funny comments. Current Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo blatantly imitated Jason Newsted during a recent performance.

phantom_lord_yeah commented on Reddit, “Seems strange to have it autographed by someone who didn’t participate in recording it, but alright.”

pacheco217 wrote, “Top kek.”

ashbyashbyashby commented, “Why did you get it signed by the bass player from Rock Star Supernova?”

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“When I see a situation that I live in from day to day and it’s put into a horror situation, I get a little nervous, you know.”

“And I’ll admit it’s hard for me sometimes to watch a horror movie when I’m alone at night in my hotel room because I have an active imagination,” he added with a laugh. “And sometimes I like the safety of watching horror movies when I’m traveling during the day on a plane. Or just watching horror movies during the day.

“I can freak myself out. And, I think that in itself is part of the appeal of all of this: I get myself wound up. And in a weird, sick sort of way it’s exhilarating for me as a jolt of adrenaline.”

Jason Newsted recently broke his silence on Instagram after several years.

My autographed …And Justice For All by Jason Newsted from r/Metallica