Metallica Blatant Jason Newsted Ripoff Revealed


Metallica have revealed new video of a live performance of “The God That Failed” from June 18th at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, and Robert Trujillo imitates former bassist Jason Newsted in the video, using a pick like he did on the Black Album. Kirk Hammett recently revealed a surprising shirtless photo.

Lars Ulrich wrote on Instagram today, “28 years ago today on July 3rd 1991, we filmed the “Enter Sandman” video at a soundstage in LA..

Here is a never-before-seen outtake from that day.. crazy rocker hair, bare chest, shiny necklaces, big fuck off white Tama drums, strobe light overload etc in full fuckin effect!! #Wanna?!”

Ulrich wrote in another recent post, “Five years ago on this Saturday in 2014 we came to Glastonbury not knowing what to expect…

We were welcomed with love and warmly embraced. My crew and I have been coming back every year since.

There’s no place on this planet I would rather be the last weekend in June every year than Worthy Farm.

#wanna #glastonbury 📸 @rosshalfin.”

1. Hardwired
2. The Memory Remains
3. Disposable Heroes
4. The God that Failed
5. The Unforgiven
6. Here Comes Revenge
7. Moth Into Flame
8. Sad but True
9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10. St. Anger
11. One
12. Master of Puppets
13. For Whom the Bell Tolls
14. Creeping Death
15. Seek & Destroy

16. Lords of Summer
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman (with ‘The Frayed Ends of Sanity’ outro)