Jason Newsted Reacts To Small Metallica Crowd At Show


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted reacted to his concerts having small crowds in a new WZZR interview. Newsted also made a brutal health revelation.

Newsted was asked, “There’s plenty of videos of the Chophouse Band and you’re just kicking ass like you’re in front of 100,000 people, you give that energy…”

He responded, “It’s pure, it’s authentic, man. This is the first time that the band will be full electric for the whole show, so leading up to this time has always been at least half a show was acoustic, so now’s the first time we go full out, so that’s kind of a cool thing.

For me, it’s really been an epiphany. This week I came back and forth from rehearsals and the first time doing all-electric really became a new monster, it’s gonna be cool.”

cwatz posted recently about Jason Newsted’s final Metallica albums on Reddit, “There is no doubt there is a drastic change in feel for those Load and Reload albums, but at the same time, I find they actually have as much quality content as their other works (at least for me personally). There is actually something nice about a band that can still somewhat evolve and still be pumping out good tunes, even if its something different.

Naturally that can suck if they go somewhere you don’t like, but if they do, it helps add to a catalog. Anyways, you outlined a lot of the good stuff. King Nothing is one of their best tunes though and definitely deserves a shoutout.”

A Metallica member recently made a stunning Axl Rose revelation. Xsanpler chimed in, “Oh yeah, Load is far from my favorite album. I think Load/reLoad is a little more complicated to explain than saying “they were selling out”. With TBA let’s say they did, some say they ‘evolved musically’ with it too, that can be it. With Load, though, what they did was continue what TBA established while deviating from its sound as much as they wanted to.

Here’s the thing, Load was not closer to what was popular in the 90s, it ain’t grunge, it ain’t nu metal. In my eyes, St. Anger was the biggest sellout after TBA, not Load/reLoad. Maybe the word ‘sellout’ is inaccurate because, when you look at it, Metallica loves changing their sound the most, since AJFA (or even Ride) they’ve been doing it.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Newsted’s remarks.