Jason Newsted Confirms Tragic Metallica News


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed that after his years of headbanging, it has led to injuries and whiplash, and doctors told him he had to stop. He made the remarks in a new WZZR interview. A Metallica member recently leaked a stunning Axl Rose video.

Newsted said, “It’s been a lot of time, 25-ish years of headbanging, I gave myself whiplash. And so, through the years, doctors of all different languages and countries, they told me, you know, ‘No more that, no more spinning head.’

So where we are now, I still kind of do it, but it’s been 10 years after being told not to. So between that thing and going literally spine… like, all tangles and mangles, now the focus is still the same, the juice is still the same, the energy is still the same, the amps are a little smaller.”

He also said about his Chophouse Band, “”You can take the bullet out of metal, but not the metal out of the bullet – that type of thing. So that’s always gonna be there, the fangs are still sharp; so whatever we play, if it’s Johnny Cash or whatever it may be, it’s still gonna have that wallop, I think. So, playing heavy music every once in a while, I never give up on the jam. Tuesday, we have J.P. and his drummer Chris Pete over to the Chophouse to rock a bit.” Jason Newsted revealed an eerie alcohol photo recently.

A Metallica fan on Reddit recently shot down the idea of “The Unforgiven IV” being on the band’s next album. BeardedBassist21 wrote, “Can we put this talk to rest? Just in general, as I see this talk a lot, even outside the sub. James said Part 3 was the conclusion of the trilogy, and until we hear otherwise, I don’t see any reason in speculating about it. (Geddy Lee revealed a disturbing Metallica secret last week)

But say there was going to be an Unforgiven IV…the pattern you’re highlighting means nothing. They’re not deliberately saying “ok we did an Unforgiven on this past album, let’s skip it for the next one and do it the time after.” James even had to fight to get III on Death Magnetic. Spacing out thematically linked songs like that makes no sense; if something is ready to go they’ll do it then. There’s something to patterns (that fourth spot their albums is USUALLY a ballad, etc.), but this one’s just a meaningless coincidence.

TLDR: It isn’t happening based on what we’ve last heard, and the notion that they’ve decided to wait to do an Unforgiven every other album is silly.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Newsted’s comments.