Eddie Vedder ‘Gross’ Kiss At Elton John Show Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder‘s lovely wife Jill Vedder has shared a photo of an adorable kiss, after jokingly revealing how her and Eddie were called ‘gross.’ A huge summer 2020 Pearl Jam tour rumor leaked yesterday.

Jill said, “Thank you Oli for capturing a mom and dad precious moment at Elton .. I thought you thought we were gross ??? 😂😂😂♥️😂.”

She also wrote about a recent performance with Adam Sandler, “Can I just take a second to reminisce about what an incredible last weekend we had to raise funds and awareness for a cause near and dear to Ed and my ❤️.. @ebresearch .. we raised a million dollars that night and the money goes directly to funding research for EB.. Ed and @glenhansard , you two singing together this song brings tears to my eyes every single time…

And to @adamsandler … thank you to your beautiful daughters .. thank them from us for being so brave to share this song with all of us that night .. we could all feel your emotions playing while they belted out Taylor .. best song of the night ! Way to go girls 🙌🏼 !!

Thanks again Andrea, Paul, Michael, Marc and Julianne & EBMRF for pulling this event off in such a short amount of time .. We all do this for kids like Brandon, Eli, Mikey and all the kids who suffer from this horrendous condition. I encourage you all to learn more about EB by visiting @ebresearch .. and follow us on insta and Twitter ! Be part of the cure #healeb THANK YOU💙” Eddie Vedder ‘finishing’ up with Pearl Jam was recently revealed in a new album bombshell.