Pearl Jam Leak Horrible Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing Photo


Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron has liked the first new 2020 photo of former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer taken since his firing last month. Josh Klinghoffer unloading on John Frusciante fans was revealed last week.

Steven Mcdonald posted the photo, which was taken during a hike by the Hollywood sign, writing, “Two native Los Angelenos that have basically devoted their lives to this crazy bizness of show yet neither had ever scaled this iconic peak. It is done now and It was glorious. #joshklinghoffer is my favorite person to take a walk with. Have a great day!”

Johnarthur99 posted on Reddit in response to a predicted fall 2020 to spring 2021 release for the new RHCP album, “I think you’re about right. Album earliest in september 2020, but probably album in 2021 and singles in the fall -2020.”

K0stil responded, “Yep after that interview, I think we will be lucky if we get the album in september-october 2020 but 2021 seems more likely.”

triflin-assHoe said, “But that’s if we take Chad at his word. He said he wasn’t supposed to talk about the band so maybe he was being vague and trying to leave things loose in case anything happens or any changes need to occur.

I feel like this has been in the works for so long and Josh said they had been working a little bit on new music so I’m hoping that they’ve been working with John on new music for a while during the creative process of creating whatever they made before the news broke back when josh was still around. Idk probably everything I wrote is wrong but it just seems crazy if it’s true that this has been in the works for some time now.”

YesIDoTYVM concluded, “They are already headlining festivals this summer and bands don’t really get to do that without new material. I think they will release a single (one that might not even end up on the album) just so they have something new for their upcoming shows. In the interview Chad also confirms that ‘they’re in the middle of writing a new record’ so that sounds like they’re already working on new songs.” John Frusciante ‘betraying’ Josh Klinghoffer was just revealed.