Jerry Cantrell Wears Wig At Alice In Chains Show


Jerry Cantrell wore a hilarious wig at an Alice In Chains show over the weekend. You can view photos below.

He wrote on Instagram, “I busted out a new hairdo to start the show tonight. You guys can decide. Hairdo ? Or Hair-dont? Scotty also took a really artistic shot with more my normal look. One of his best and that’s saying a lot, he’s been killing it for us with the live shots . Zurich you were a great crowd tonight , thank you… Hairdo? Or Hair-dont.”

Cantrell also wrote today, “Snuck into a shot or two in the Deadwood movie courtesy of W. Earl Brown. Standing next to Garret Dillahunt here. I am a huge fan of the show and have become good friends with Earl and Robin Weigert over the poker table and other shenanigans.

I gave Ian McShane a vinyl copy of Rainier Fog that day too .Was fun to be in the background watching the professionals do their thing. Check it out cocksuckers ! @wearlbrown @robinweigert @garretdillahunt #deadwood themovie #hbo #rainierfog.”

Cantrell wrote a week ago, “Really cool vibe at the Tilburg show tonight. Larry even came on stage to wish Sean a happy birthday and rock out with Mike and I during Would. Rolling toward Paris as I post.”