Jimmy Chamberlin Claims D’arcy Didn’t Play On Smashing Pumpkins Classic


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin credited Billy Corgan for playing bass on “I Am One” off of Gish in a new Instagram post.

Chamberlin wrote on Instagram, “More grooves and riffs for your weekend. I’m often asked about this snare sound. The snare drum was a steel shell Yamaha recording series 5.5 x14 still one of my favs! Btw that’s our own @williampcorgan on the bass. @yamahadrumsofficial.”

Former Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk commented, “Damn, I love everything about this! Saw you guys perform this at English Acid the first time you came to LA. 🙌”

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro commented, “This was the song that made sit up and take notice! I was like, ‘who the fuck is this?????'”

dx_theme_song commented, “I’d assume Billy played most of those bass parts but thanks for the subtle jab lol.”

mf7ga commented, “Kind of a cheap hit on D’Arcy, dude.”

dadreligion commented, “I have the utmost respect for you, Jimmy, but I beg you not to add fuel to this ridiculous ‘who played what part’ garbage fire of a high school tiff that is overshadowing what should be an exciting time w James back in the mix. Billy doesn’t need help drawing attention to his contributions within the band. He’s made them abundantly clear over the years.”

czarinamedellia commented, “I don’t think anyone is going out of their way to make digs at D’arcy. I think everyone is really over sensitive about the whole D’arcy thing. & if it’s Billy playing, then it’s Billy. Why would D’arcy get credit for that? Billy obviously has contributed soo much more to the band, than D’arcy ever has. Credit should only be given where it’s deserved. Just becuase Billy is getting credit for something HE did, doesn’t mean anyone is being rude towards D’arcy.”

faaramires commented, “I think people should learn with the past and with their mistakes. No need to throw more shade at Darcy again, specially when you want people to move on. By the way, a greatest hits tour is not exactly the best way to ‘move on’.”

pedrosvinicius commented, “Jimmy. You’re a legend, but respect D’arcy and Smashing Pumpkins fans, please! She was together with your band for 10 years! No ingratitude. She will never be forgotten by SP fans!”

  • AndNow…

    So, um, what the hell did D’Arcy even do then besides look cute on stage? It’s like every song now, “Billiam played bass on this, oh btw Billy also played bass on this one too”. What did she do during the whole recording process, did she come up with anything? We know she can actually play just by seeing the tons of footage available, and she kills it every time. But those aren’t her bass lines, are they? D’Arcy has some explainin to do.

    • neonlithography

      I’ve been looking into these claims recently. Apparently Billy played most of the tracks for the first two albums, but only due to pressure to release an album with limited studio time. I believe they only had a 30 day contract to record all of Siamese Dream, so producer Butch Vig convinced the band to let Billy play all of the parts. Also doesn’t help that James and D’Arcy apparently had relationship issues at this time and were not around to record. After Siamese Dream, the band switched to Flood, who wanted equal band contribution for recording MCIS.

      So D’Arcy did play bass for some of their best known work. And you still can’t argue with the 750+ shows where she played the tracks live. I honestly don’t get it, there are hundreds of youtube vidoes showing her playing but suddenly everyone thinks she never picked up a bass before. You agree she can play, but you think she couldn’t write or creatively contribute? Recording, writing, and playing are all separate, she did more than look cute on stage

    • Tilman Müller

      The band played the songs live before they were recorded. Chances are greater that Billy used HER basslines on the first two records where she wasn’t full involved.

  • Fey Wutt

    12 years
    12 years i just sat there and looked “cute”.

    all i did.

    • Tilman Müller

      It’s boring to see, how Jimmy a year ago was the first old bandmate to promote the forthcoming tour as being with three grumpy old men and one older woman, but is now getting back to downplay the role of former bandmembers for justification how things turned out again.

    • Evan Jones II

      And sure was the best of them, thank you

    • PryingOpenMyThirdEye

      Nobody is claiming you made zero contribution to the Pumpkins, but clearly your importance to the group wasn’t primarily musical. You can fault or dislike Billy for being upfront about the fact that he wrote and performed almost everything, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Billy always gave you credit for having excellent taste, and that is worth something. As a fan of the band since the very beginning, I was thrilled at the prospect of the original lineup getting back together, however, after the way you’ve behaved the past couple of months it’s obvious the band made the correct choice to exclude you. You haven’t played in a professional capacity since you left the band. Also, you have physical issues that could prevent or restrict you from playing and performing. The current lineup is super tight live and there is no room, musically, for a potential weak link. Musical issues aside, you obviously haven’t dealt with any personal problems you have with Billy and/or the rest of the band. You’ve had two decades to air your grievances, and now, on the eve of the tour, you decide to come out of hiding and whine about things that happened when you all were in your 20s. Why on Earth would Billy include you in a business partnership when you can’t be trusted to keep the band’s correspondence and business dealings private? I mean, it’s your right to do so, but it’s a really, really bad look on your part. It seems that instead of addressing your insecurities about rejoining the band, you tried to leverage what you perceive as Billy’s abrasive personality and poor public image to garner sympathy for yourself and try to sabotage the tour. What you fail to understand is, the band’s biggest fans love Billy BECAUSE of his personality, not in spite of it. I don’t want to see the band onstage knowing there’s still bad blood, and I am so glad they decided not to poison the reunion for the sake of appearances and a few extra ticket sales. Billy has famously claimed you were a “mean-spirited drug addict”; you may not be a drug addict but you’re still mean-spirited. Again, as a longtime fan its sad to see your bitterness ruin what could have been joyous and beautiful. The show goes on, and you’ll be staying home. That’s on you. I hope you realize that its not just Billy with whom you’ve forever burnt a bridge, it’s many fans as well.

      • Evan Jones II

        Blah, blah, blah …yawn…stop with the BS…🐎

      • Tilman Müller

        Nobody is saying you’re an arrogant prick, but to tell D’arcy was mostly in the band for her looks could tell it by itself. Many songs were developed by jamming with the band. Billy didn’t give any credits for it. To tell, someone has a good taste, doesn’t cost him any royalties. The way D’arcy behaved over the last months is the result of the pour treatment she got from Billy. If you think someone might have issues, you try to meet him as soon as possible to see which help is necessary to get him integrated safely. And also you tell this person straight your opinion, if and how things can work. Obviously Billy Corgan showed no interest to behave this way. But made ambitious tour and recording plans without letting D’arcy know. This is just poor business and in no way a kind of partnership. Corgan had no respect about D’arcy’s and Kerry Brown’s private life, telling intimacies about them in his Live Journal diary. This few text messages of him released now contained simplest business talk, no top secrets. But showed, how he fooled D’arcy all the way, having Jack Bates already planned for the tour, her not really to be involved but for just a few “reunion” alibi moments. Billy’s declared biggest fans call themselves “Sad Machines”. That already says a lot about the mental issues you must have to like his kind of personality. Billy is more “mean-spirited” than any other member of the old band. Had many public rude verbal fallouts, called James once “a piece of shit”and “the worst human being” and Jimmy “a fucking liar.”, immediately pretending “But I won’t”. Nowadays in a much more devious way he lets friends like Linda Strawberry or Mancow Muller do the ranting, playing himself the poor victim. Showing up for it on Muller’s show just two days after Muller’s disgusting D’arcy contest. The way Billy Corgan handled this whole “reunion” project is so fucked up, he has lost more fans and burnt more bridges than D’arcy. His last records were a total commercial decline. No wonder the upcoming tour ignores his last 18 years of musical failure. No wonder he tried to change his artist name to his real name for a new beginning.

      • Olga Stewart

        Well quite a few people seem to both have issues with Billy’s behaviour and they don’t like him.

        Why do you suppose that might be?

        So perhaps instead of picking on D’arcy, realize that there is probably more to this story than you (and others) know.

      • neonlithography

        and according to Billy, James Iha “is just a piece of shit…I think he’s one of the worst human beings I’ve ever met in my life”. Don’t act like you were there….

    • John Scott

      The only way to fix this is for D’arcy to get on a plane and meet up with the rest of the band. It isn’t easy, but it needs to happen – so that real healing can begin. Hiding in Michigan and taking shots via social media plays right into Billy’s hands. The fans WANT her on the tour. If she cares about them at all, she’ll take the first step and put the pressure on Billy to make it work. Actions speak louder than words … or texts.

      • Fey Wutt

        For the MILLIONTH TIME:

        Billy had already hired Jack.


        • John Scott

          D’arcy, I know that this situation totally sucks for you – and that Billy’s being a complete jerk. I totally get that. I do. But is there really nothing you can do to change things at this point? I admit that I don’t really know how bands work, but can one person really kick another out without just cause? I’m just asking. I’m just trying to say that we’re here to support you in this – and we believe in you no matter what. I’m sorry if I’m stirring things up – I know you didn’t ask for my opinion. I just really REALLY wanted to hear you play live again.

  • Evan Jones II

    What the FCK? We ALL LOVE D’Arcy! Get over it Guys, will you?
    Who played what, who wrote what, who slept with whatever!?
    Darnit, its ancient history…we lived it and know better.
    The SP were the SP with D’Arcy.
    Man, some folks want to mess up a wet dream.

    • John Scott

      I agree. They just aren’t the Smashing Pumpkins without D’arcy. All I know is the shows I saw live sounded great, and she was absolutely killing it on bass. I love the Adore album, and her vocals on the tour really balanced out Billy’s on Adore, To Sheila, Perfect, etc.

      • Evan Jones II

        EXACTLY, SHE killed it and was spot on….SHE MADE the SP not Billy Wonka. Thank you

  • neonlithography

    So I guess this is Jimmy’s only way of trying to get the fan base interested in him. Poor jimmy

  • John Q Public

    If you actually thought D’arcy played most of the bass on the recordings… LOL, I have a bridge Id like to talk to you about. SP was ALWAYS Billy’s band. I wouldn’t be surprised if her recorded contributions are minimal, perhaps nonexistent, especially later on.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    People forget Butch Vig had just as much to do with Billy playing everything

  • Mike

    To me the bass always sounded good in the live shows.

  • SteveWilmos

    I love Gish and all, but I Am One’s recreation of the drum machine drum and bass line always felt kinda cheeseball anyway. If Jimmy was allowed to let loose and reworked the drums a bit it could’ve exploded.