Jimmy Chamberlin Claims D’arcy Didn’t Play On Smashing Pumpkins Classic


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin credited Billy Corgan for playing bass on “I Am One” off of Gish in a new Instagram post.

Chamberlin wrote on Instagram, “More grooves and riffs for your weekend. I’m often asked about this snare sound. The snare drum was a steel shell Yamaha recording series 5.5 x14 still one of my favs! Btw that’s our own @williampcorgan on the bass. @yamahadrumsofficial.”

Former Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk commented, “Damn, I love everything about this! Saw you guys perform this at English Acid the first time you came to LA. ?”

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro commented, “This was the song that made sit up and take notice! I was like, ‘who the fuck is this?????'”

dx_theme_song commented, “I’d assume Billy played most of those bass parts but thanks for the subtle jab lol.”

mf7ga commented, “Kind of a cheap hit on D’Arcy, dude.”

dadreligion commented, “I have the utmost respect for you, Jimmy, but I beg you not to add fuel to this ridiculous ‘who played what part’ garbage fire of a high school tiff that is overshadowing what should be an exciting time w James back in the mix. Billy doesn’t need help drawing attention to his contributions within the band. He’s made them abundantly clear over the years.”

czarinamedellia commented, “I don’t think anyone is going out of their way to make digs at D’arcy. I think everyone is really over sensitive about the whole D’arcy thing. & if it’s Billy playing, then it’s Billy. Why would D’arcy get credit for that? Billy obviously has contributed soo much more to the band, than D’arcy ever has. Credit should only be given where it’s deserved. Just becuase Billy is getting credit for something HE did, doesn’t mean anyone is being rude towards D’arcy.”

faaramires commented, “I think people should learn with the past and with their mistakes. No need to throw more shade at Darcy again, specially when you want people to move on. By the way, a greatest hits tour is not exactly the best way to ‘move on’.”

pedrosvinicius commented, “Jimmy. You’re a legend, but respect D’arcy and Smashing Pumpkins fans, please! She was together with your band for 10 years! No ingratitude. She will never be forgotten by SP fans!”